5 November



We removed the traditional obstacles that stop us from attending big events and provided unprecedented access to thought leaders from around the globe and close to home

  • 9.30am   Welcome

  • 9.50am   Jono Brent, CEO Connetics

  • 11.00am Noami Kemp, Australian Institute Health and Safety Deputy Chair

  • 12.00 noon Key findings

  • 12.20pm Thank you and takeaway messages


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Keynote speakers

Jono Brent

CEO Connetics

Jono Brent has been operating within New Zealand’s infrastructure industry for the past decade. He has been the Chief Executive of Connetics Ltd since December 2010. Before that Jono was the General Manager – Business Development of City Care Ltd operating throughout New Zealand.

The key focus for Connetics is that it is a truly safe place to work. To achieve this, they strive to be open and honest about operating in a safety-first environment, with a number of strategies to keep safety planted firmly in the minds of employees, managers and the Connetics Board of Directors.

Jono's approach and story is full of passion and practical advice that will leave you inspired and armed with a tonne of new ideas to take to your place of work.



Consultant | Speaker | Australian Institute of Health and Safety Deputy Chair

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#NZHSP Conference 2019 🙏🏼 Thank you!

Thank you very much for pulling together the zoom conference, our H&S team of three enjoyed being able to listen and hold discussions within our own office environment...many thanks for all your hard work and forward thinking fresh approach.

I just wanted to say thank you for putting on the conference. It was a great way for me to gain some knowledge and hear about improvements within the industry whilst getting my children ready for school amongst other things...I have just started in the industry after 20+ years in the Navy and appreciated the ability to join the conference from across the ditch, especially at zero cost. Thank you again. 

Really enjoyed the NZHSP conference - thanks to all those that contributed to make it happen! It was great

Thank you Matt for making this conference possible. Also, please thanks to the people behind the scenes for their hard work

It was awesome to be able to tune into the #NZHSP Conference 2019 with my wee sidekick this morning. Thank you so much Matt, Jono, Naomi and all the wonderful sponsors.

3 HOURS of high quality insight, advice and thoughts
- recorded live and free
Watch the entire video recording
Listen to the entire audio recording

Pictures taken by participants from around the globe during the live presentation - using the hashtag #NZHSP